YSL : Nails Tie Die For

Ok, ok I apologise for that terrible title, but I cannot contain myself after seeing this new quartet of nail lacquers by Yves Saint Laurent. They go by the name of La Laque Couture Tie & Dye top coats and boy am I intrigued.


What do they do and how does it work? Well apparently they suggest starting by painting your nails with their classic La Laque Couture polish, in a colour which matches one of those above, and then take the La Laque Tie & Dye and paint on top. According to the article I read in the Telegraph Beauty section, “With a new “tri-phase technology that layers iridescent nacrés, colour and high-shine you’ll get a candy like veil which gives a slightly glittery and supremely, eye-catching look,” say the YSL beauty experts”.

Nail art has steadily become more and more popular, and as an avid nail polish fan I’m happy that big brands are catching in onto the trend and coming up with more unique products.

These polishes are currently being sold exclusively at Selfridges and retail for £18, and at the time of writing only the 01 Cool Coat & 04 Ice Coat is available online so you might have to move fast if you want to grab one! If you have it already feel free to leave a link of your blog as  it would be great to see what the effect looks like x


Max Factor Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara : Yay or Nay?

Today came the news that Max Factor have produced a mascara which claims to withstand day to day activities such as sleeping, showering, or even swimming up to three days.


Apparently flake-resistant, with a ‘PermaHold’ technology which gently bonds to the lash, Max Factor says will create a jet-black finish and acts like a semi-permanent tint. The price to pay for all of this, however, is £18.99 and will be available in Boots. With so many other good brands out there on the market, do we really need something that lasts this long? I personally would hate to have old makeup on, but if you have fair coloured eyelashes I can see some appeal.


Met Gala 2013. This Year: Punk!

It’s that time of year again when Hollywood’s finest get together for the annual MET Gala hosted by Vogue. This year they were celebrating the opening of the PUNK: Chaos to Couture exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This led to some very interesting interpretations and visions of the look by designers, make-up artists, and stars wearing the creations.

Here is a glimpse of some of what was seen on the red carpet……

Chloe Green, Jourdan Dunn Ashley Madekwe 

To start with is Chloe Green,  Jourdan Dunn, Ashley Madekwe, and Nicole Ritchie sporting designs which were custom designed for Vogue by the retailer adored by millions of students by the name of Topshop. Not so sure about Nicole’s hair style though, I’m thinking it’s more Halloween than punk!

I’ve got to say Ann Hathaway looks amazing here. Her new blonde hair colouring is a dramatic (but good) change from the hair she had to have for Les Miserables.

beyonce givency

Beyonce was bound to have something creative on that night, and she sure didn’t fail to impress with this interesting ensemble designed by Givency. The gloves I can handle, but the boots not so much!Gwyneth Paltrow vintage Valentino
Miley Cyrus Marc Jacobs

I think this vintage Valentino dress worn by Gweneth Paltrow was either loved or hated.. I’m personally liking this dress. Ok, so it doesn’t channel punk, but it’s an interesting design with the 3/4 sleeves and sheer panel.

Miley Cyrus on the other hand? Well it’s rather punk and even though it’s by one of my favourite designers, (Marc Jacobs), I just can’t bring myself to like this!

Marion Cotillard jennifer lawrence

Above is Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard. The peach asymmetrical is lovely, and is given an extra twist with the gorgeous houndstooth shoes.

Philip Treacy

SJP was sure to raise eyebrows doing this pose on the red carpet! Her head-piece is designed by none other than the king of millinery, Sir Philip Treacy.


Katy Perry & Jlo wearing their take on punk. In love with Jlo’s quiff and make-up.

rooneymara Givenchy Burberry Prorsum

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

These are a few of my favourites from the night. Rooney Mara’s gown by Givenchy is a beautiful mix of lace and hard lines from the neck-line and zips.

Cara Delivine is wearing Burberry Prorsum, and Jamie King was a definite winner in the style stakes with her custom designed Topshop outfit. To finish is this beautiful photo of Taylor Swift with striking smoky eyes, & wearing J Mendel.


OBEY is a brand which is linked with punk rock and skateboarding due to it’s roots and base as a platform for the creator to express his art and message to the people . It was once a cult name but has increasingly gained popularity, much like the way BOY London has in the recent years. Here we see a few pieces from the new Summer lookbook:

1 12 123 1234

With its’ tie dye and vintage 80’s rock-band style vests, this collection gives a 90’s skater vibe which I’m loving.

Kobi Levi : Shoes for the inner child

Kobi Levi is a fantastic designer from Tel Aviv, Israel, and has been known for his quirky and original ideas when it comes to footwear. He produced a blog in 2010 to originally showcase his designs and styles, but it soon went viral to the point where Lady Gaga used one of his designs in her “Born This Way” video. Demand grew for his designs to be created so that they could be bought, which led to Levi opening a studio the following year.

miow ko

These two designs above are some of the most recognisable ones, with each pair being hand made. Below is a photo of one of the designs in progress. This brings back memories of when I dabbled in footwear in college- let’s just say drawing and scoring templates require a very steady hand. The number of curves within that template illustrates the amount of talent this man has, as controlling the stitching on the machine requires a lot of skill.


But what has got me particularly excited today? It’s his new collection based on Disney villains.

KobiLevi DisneyEvilQueen2 KobiLevi DisneyEvilQueen1Above is the Evil Queen from Snow White. All faces were hand painted inside



One of my all-time favourite characters Ursula from The Little Mermaid, is depicted in this tentacle inspired shoe above.

KobiLevi_DisneyMaleficent4 KobiLevi_DisneyMaleficent3

The very evil looking Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The purple stitching gives that extra detail to this pair, although given the style of the heel and the spiked leather, I don’t think that would be the first thing anyone notices!

Source: Kobi Levi

Ida Ruby : Beaut Corsets & Bustiers

Today I came across the corset brand Ida Ruby whilst looking on www.lingerieinsight.com

All it took was a photo of the corsets to catch my eye as I have a deep love of them and their history. Ida Ruby’s corsets & bustiers can fit a size 6 to an 18 which is amazing for smaller ladies. Very often have I looked at corsets and sizes often begin at an 8/10 and B cups and above. The vintage designs and colours make a nice change and offers something different to the high street.

Here are a few designs to feast your eyes on:

cc co

The collection has recently been launched online, and with prices ranging from £40-£45, it makes the range extremely affordable. And, to help justify treating yourself, the brand is also working with The Eve Appeal, which is a charity that funds research into gynaecological cancers in women- 50p of each sales goes towards the charity x

Figs & Rouge : Review

A short time ago I was lucky enough to win a competition in conjunction with Feelunique.com and Figs & Rouge, a relatively new British lip balm brand which led to me receiving their whole collection. As a fan of the brand, I was ecstatic, mainly because my tin of lip balm had melted in my hot car and was no longer usable so I was in desperate need of some more!


The reason I love this brand and their lip balms so much is the ingredients they use, or to be more precise, the ingredients they don’t use.

The reason I knew about this brand in the first place is because whilst in Boots looking for a petroleum-free balm this winter, Figs & Rouge were the only one that didn’t contain mineral oil/petroleum (they are essentially the same thing, and what Vaseline is made of) in their balms. The latter is actually a byproduct of crude oil production, and provides no moisturisation whatsoever.

The reason why you constantly have to re-apply your chapstick or Vaseline every two minutes? And why your lips are still dry and peeling no matter how many times you put your balm on? The answer is in your balms’ ingredients. I bet mineral oil or petroleum will be a main one listed. This stuff actually coats your lips with a waterproof barrier preventing any moisture going in, and is therefore are useless at curing your dry lip problem. Figs & Rouge however, have raised their standards and have the following in their products which can be seen on their website:


Application : Their balms are easy to apply just like any other, and smell divine. Lovers of vanilla scents should definitely go for the Coco Vanilla tin. My personal favourites are Pomegranate and Cherry Blossom.

Packaging : Who can ignore these gorgeously packaged gems?  All items have a beautiful vintage design, with the larger tins tins having unique ones reminiscent of different eras such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, so they would look great on anybodys dressing table. They are hard-wearing too- I have the last two mentioned in regular rotation in my handbags and they have retained their lovely designs.

Verdict? 10/10 I just can’t fault this brand, what’s great is that their balms can be used on dry patches of skin too, and even on cuticles to provide extra moisturisation.

Stockists include Boots and Urban Outfitters. Items retail for approx £3.49 – £4.99