First Ever Lingerie Fashion Week

I learned the exciting news recently that there will be an industry first this year: A Lingerie Fashion Week held in New York featuring catwalk shows featuring AW13 collections from selected brands.

Founder Lauren Rich said ““It will give exhibitors a platform to reach consumers that a trade show can’t do,” she told Lingerie Insight. “I one hundred per cent think trade shows are necessary, but trade shows only reach buyers and the trade press and maybe a few market editors from magazines – I really think the industry deserves a platform that can give the consumer press something really exciting to report on in a way that a trade show can’t offer.” –



I feel this is a fabulous idea as the intention is that it gives a platform for lingerie retailers to showcase new collections and create a hype around their catwalk shows by inviting bloggers and others in the media to promote and talk about their brand.

Between 10 and 20 brands have been initially expected to participate, with each being approved before selection. The aim is to target anyone from emerging designers, to established mass-market brands, with quality being the main focus.


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