Figs & Rouge : Review

A short time ago I was lucky enough to win a competition in conjunction with and Figs & Rouge, a relatively new British lip balm brand which led to me receiving their whole collection. As a fan of the brand, I was ecstatic, mainly because my tin of lip balm had melted in my hot car and was no longer usable so I was in desperate need of some more!


The reason I love this brand and their lip balms so much is the ingredients they use, or to be more precise, the ingredients they don’t use.

The reason I knew about this brand in the first place is because whilst in Boots looking for a petroleum-free balm this winter, Figs & Rouge were the only one that didn’t contain mineral oil/petroleum (they are essentially the same thing, and what Vaseline is made of) in their balms. The latter is actually a byproduct of crude oil production, and provides no moisturisation whatsoever.

The reason why you constantly have to re-apply your chapstick or Vaseline every two minutes? And why your lips are still dry and peeling no matter how many times you put your balm on? The answer is in your balms’ ingredients. I bet mineral oil or petroleum will be a main one listed. This stuff actually coats your lips with a waterproof barrier preventing any moisture going in, and is therefore are useless at curing your dry lip problem. Figs & Rouge however, have raised their standards and have the following in their products which can be seen on their website:


Application : Their balms are easy to apply just like any other, and smell divine. Lovers of vanilla scents should definitely go for the Coco Vanilla tin. My personal favourites are Pomegranate and Cherry Blossom.

Packaging : Who can ignore these gorgeously packaged gems?  All items have a beautiful vintage design, with the larger tins tins having unique ones reminiscent of different eras such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, so they would look great on anybodys dressing table. They are hard-wearing too- I have the last two mentioned in regular rotation in my handbags and they have retained their lovely designs.

Verdict? 10/10 I just can’t fault this brand, what’s great is that their balms can be used on dry patches of skin too, and even on cuticles to provide extra moisturisation.

Stockists include Boots and Urban Outfitters. Items retail for approx £3.49 – £4.99


British Fashion Designers : The Book

For those who are fans of home-grown talent look no further, for there is a new book dedicated to just that in regards to the fashion world.

British Fashion Designers by Hywel Davies £9.95 (out now) provides a collection of sketches, backstage photos, and snippets of info on our British designers.


New Look – New Petite Range!

In a time when all the focus is on providing ranges for plus-size ladies, it’s refreshing to have a brand think of us smaller and shorter framed girls. New Look have launched an online collection with sizes starting from a 4 going all the way up to an 18 so that lots of sizes can shop from this very welcomed collection. Some designs may leave a lot to be desired but it’s early days yet- for those feeling the pinch it will be a life-saver for those who struggle to find clothes to suit their shorter stature. Jeans have a 28inch leg which will also have some rejoicing, and with over 200 items to choose from, there’s bound to be something for someone. Below are a couple of picks from the collection:

PicMonkey Collage

The range can be found online here, with it eventually being rolled out into stores.