Behind The Name

As Shambles & Drapery may sound like an odd name at first, I wanted to share the story and meaning behind it.

Living in Leicester, there was a lot of media attention and interest focused on finding the remains of King Richard III in a car park in our town. Being at loose ends, Mr. H and I decided to get our geek on and visit the town centre and explore some historical parts since it was the first day in which the King Richard III exhibition was opening.

This led to us looking around the old Town Hall and I found a map on the wall of what Leicester looked like with labels of old buildings and areas which used be be in the city.


Immediately the words Shambles and Drapery caught my eye as the word ‘shambles’ means a ‘state of total disorder’ (which I found amusing as that is often the state of my room when travelling back and forth) and of course the word Drapery, due to the connection with fashion.

So I did a Google search to find out what the building actually was, and found that the place would have been a market- the Shambles being the butchers, and the Drapery being where fabric was sold, which itself is was nice connection as myself and friends often frequented the market which now stands to buy fabric for our fashion course.  It was then that I knew this name was for me.


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