Max Factor Lashfinity 3 Day Mascara : Yay or Nay?

Today came the news that Max Factor have produced a mascara which claims to withstand day to day activities such as sleeping, showering, or even swimming up to three days.


Apparently flake-resistant, with a ‘PermaHold’ technology which gently bonds to the lash, Max Factor says will create a jet-black finish and acts like a semi-permanent tint. The price to pay for all of this, however, is £18.99 and will be available in Boots. With so many other good brands out there on the market, do we really need something that lasts this long? I personally would hate to have old makeup on, but if you have fair coloured eyelashes I can see some appeal.



ArtDeco : Dita Von Teese Collaboration

ArtDdeco is a brand that only recently I have stumbled upon. The only thing I’m annoyed about is that I didn’t find it sooner! The overall look and feel of the brand has my name all over it, mostly because the Art Deco era is my favourite in the whole of history. According to (from where you can also buy their products) ArtDeco is Germany’s number 1 cosmetics brand. And for what I believe is the third time running, Dita Von Teese has got together with the brand to create the ‘Golden Vintage’ range, which will be special edition.

One thing that will strike any woman, regardless of whether they are into make-up or not, has to the the packaging. Echoing an era gone by, the golden cases and feather designs are enough to win you over.


The collection consists of ruby reds and dusty rose shades, with a few vampy berry tones and smoky brown to give that glamorous 1940’s look.


Urban Decay Sells Out To L’oreal

It has been announced that beauty giants L’oreal are to buy cult brand Urban Decay as part of their plan to acquire specialist brands in the market. I for one, and many others in the beauty bloggersphere are peeved to say the least with this news.

It throws up questions, such as whether the quality of the products will be the same, and and sadness of it being bought out by such a huge conglomerate.

Then there is the main issue, which is animal testing. I am guilty of purchasing from brands which tests their products on animals, but I do admire brands whose philosophy are against animal testing, and I have recently started going out of my way to buy products which are made without it. Urban Decay started out in 2009 as an independent company, which prided itself on making cruelty-free cosmetics. What is angering many people out there is the fact that L’oreal produces make-up with ingredients which have been tested on animals, thus no longer making Urban Decay truly cruelty-free. It’s a sad day for many UD fans out there, and I too am an angry that a brand which is all about being cruelty-free can sell out their ethics to the highest bidder. Sadly money does talk.

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