Kobi Levi : Shoes for the inner child

Kobi Levi is a fantastic designer from Tel Aviv, Israel, and has been known for his quirky and original ideas when it comes to footwear. He produced a blog in 2010 to originally showcase his designs and styles, but it soon went viral to the point where Lady Gaga used one of his designs in her “Born This Way” video. Demand grew for his designs to be created so that they could be bought, which led to Levi opening a studio the following year.

miow ko

These two designs above are some of the most recognisable ones, with each pair being hand made. Below is a photo of one of the designs in progress. This brings back memories of when I dabbled in footwear in college- let’s just say drawing and scoring templates require a very steady hand. The number of curves within that template illustrates the amount of talent this man has, as controlling the stitching on the machine requires a lot of skill.


But what has got me particularly excited today? It’s his new collection based on Disney villains.

KobiLevi DisneyEvilQueen2 KobiLevi DisneyEvilQueen1Above is the Evil Queen from Snow White. All faces were hand painted inside



One of my all-time favourite characters Ursula from The Little Mermaid, is depicted in this tentacle inspired shoe above.

KobiLevi_DisneyMaleficent4 KobiLevi_DisneyMaleficent3

The very evil looking Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. The purple stitching gives that extra detail to this pair, although given the style of the heel and the spiked leather, I don’t think that would be the first thing anyone notices!

Source: Kobi Levi