The Corset: A Cultural History

As I say many times on here, I have a passion for lingerie and its’ history, particularly corsets and how they evolved through the decades in England and in Europe. One of the books I had purchased a while ago was The Corset: A Cultural History by Valerie Steele, and it is literally one of my favourite fashion books due to the amount of information in there.


Valerie Steele is also the chief curator and acting director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and writes in a way in which it doesn’t feel like it’s hard work to read, as can be the case with a lot of informative books. In it, she explores the history, social norms, and fabrics and styles worn over time. The book also dispels the myth of tight-lacing and the notion that men were responsible for what would now be considered a micro-trend, because it was not as popular as we are led to believe.Overall, I highly recommend this book for anybody with an interest in corsetry and the evolution into what we wear today.



By Caprice : S/S 13 Collection

Model and actress Caprice’s new collection for summer gives something to look forward to for small and large busted ladies alike. Although I find some designs hit and miss, what I do love is that she hasn’t neglected those on the smaller end of cup sizes. The By Caprice range begins at a 30A, and goes up to a 38G, which is fantastic, especially when A-cup bras are a rare find on the high street (especially from a 30 band!). I recently bought the Morticia bra, which in person is absolutely gorgeous and gives a very generous boost 😉

Here is a snippet of the S/S line:

PicMonkey Collagec

PicMonkey Collagec2 PicMonkey Collagec3

The bra shown above on the right is one I actually recognise very well, it is the Can Can set which I remember falling in love with a few years ago when that design was first released, and would have been a part of her early collection. I recall wanting that bra so badly that I contacted the email address on her contact page to ask if I could find that bra anywhere in the UK (when the range was brand new she didn’t have her agent or pr staff even listed or as many stockists as she does now), and surprisingly I got a reply! Now that is a sign of fantastic customer service.